Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Date Afternoon

These days, when offered the opportunity of a night-out, we tend to ask if we could swap an evening for an afternoon.  We older parents are no longer that keen on tripping the light fantastic.  (Mugs of tea and a few episodes of The West Wing are much more appealing). 
We joined friends for lunch up town.
It amuses me to think that taking photos of food has become the norm.
It amused me even more to find myself taking a photo of the Ladies.
Photography of your food: so Noughties or yep-and-get-it-on-Facebook-immediately?


alexa said...

You are making me smile, Ruth, because I have a few pairs of photos of food and loos too! Those hand mirrors make a great display. And I'm with you on the tea and West Wing.

Abi said...

What a fab loo! I love the mirrors. I think my generation are particularly prone to taking photos of food. Personally I prefer to just eat it as I have a thing about phones at the table. On the other hand, I love love love, having the photo to pop in Project life as it can often sum up an evening quite well. Basically i can't really decide how I feel about it!

Liz said...

A date is a date wether it's lunch time or evening. Hope you had a good time x

joy said...

We don't do evenings, either, haven't done for about 25 years. It's much more civilised to "date" during daylight hours. x x

Sian said...

Mmm..well, judging by TSO's phone photo albums, taking pictures of food is still very acceptable

Ladkyis said...

We too prefer the daylight hours for meeting up with people .. unless they come to stay with us, then we can stay up talking until oooooh, 11.30pm!!!

I have found that since I passed the great 60the birthday I cannot eat too late at night so after eight is just for the mints these days. I love pictures of food - not fattening you see

ally said...

I'm a photographer of food and quirky places that I like. Loving the hand mirrors