Friday, 2 January 2015


After two words in 2014, our One Little Word has morphed back into one: give.
This year, it was chosen by me.
By coincidence, it's the same word that Ali chose. 
Those four letters offer up a lot of potential. 
For giving love.
For giving of myself.
For giving to myself.
For giving up.
For giving away.
For giving in.
Those last three lines may sound negative, but I think they could be the exact opposite.
For giving up on squandering time.
For giving away things not used, needed or wanted.
For giving in to the things I cannot change. 

One Little Word is an original idea from Ali Edwards and you can read more here


alexa said...

You look very determined with your word, Ruth, and I hope it brings you great energy and change where you feel you need it. It sounds good that you got to choose it this year.

ForgedinPaper said...

I thought you really captured and enjoyed last years words. Give sounds great. Have a great year.

Ladkyis said...

and of course you could combine it with for and forgive when you can't forget

Unknown said...

That's a good word

Unknown said...

Happy 2015. I hope you GIVE yourself credit for a great blog where you bring much insight & humour to many. Thank you.

Sian said...

A good word...

..and I like and am repeating the previous comment. Give yourself credit!

Beverly said...

I found the last three to be very powerful. I am sure all three of you will embrace your word with wonderful results.

Sandie said...

That's a great word Ruth, and powerful in all the ways you describe it.

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