Friday, 16 January 2015

On His Bookshelves | Photo Heavy

Every year, around this time, I go through the books in The Boy Child's playroom office 
and end up with three piles:
 Keep, recycle (donate to charity or giveaway to friends with younger children) and bin.
 Some books were in need of repair.  
This one had originally been in The Brainy One's childhood bedroom.  
Some books are very old, but still loved.
These particular books were a gift from Deb's stepdad.
If you have a youngster interested in the stuff of life, I highly recommend these.
I've given a few as gifts already.
A number of books and sticker books have made it into the keep forever pile.
Some are ready to be passed on to one of our favourite 3-year-old girls.
Some older-age reading have also made an appearance.
 One small pile to keep and three full bags to donate 
to the PTA Toy and Book Drive at school next week.
A productive couple of hours.


Sian said...

Even looking at photos of books makes me happy :) Now he has lots of room..for more!

debs14 said...

Lovely to see that he's reached the Harry Potter years - what joys he has in store there!

Becky said...

Lovely to see the Harry Potter books on his shelves. Lots of room for new books this year!

Liz said...

Sorting through ours before you came I realised I never got Harry Potter book 1 back from a girl I worked with at the doctors!! Wonder where that is now? Xxx

alexa said...

Delighted to see those lovely dog-eared books and the one by M.Sasek (one of my favourite illustrators) survived the cull. And the space for all those lovely new ones - glorious!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh how fun to see my step-dad's books amongst the mix, Ruth. I clicked on the link to your original post and can't believe how little your boy looked in those photos. Oh my gosh - just so sweet!

What a great collection of books he has!

Kirsty.A said...

Good job. That's on my To Do list for January too

Alison said...

Great collection! Xx

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