Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Wounded: The Legacy of War

I met my he's-more-like-my-brother friend in town earlier today.
We went to Somerset House to see the photography exhibition Wounded: The Legacy of War.
The exhibition's photographer is Bryan Adams.
And in a six-degrees-of-separation kind of way, 
one of the wounded he photographed
is the husband of my cousin's best friend. 
There's no denying the images are hard-hitting and upsetting to the viewer.
Personal biogs accompany each photo.
There's no denying that these guys (and girls) show courage
 and resolve in living with their life-changing injuries.
The kind of courage and resolve that saw many of them
 compete in the inaugural Invictus Games last September.  
They are the masters of their fate.
They are the captains of their souls.
They are Invictus.

The exhibition is on at Somerset House, London until 25 January.
Entrance is free.
See it if you can.  


Alison said...

The human spirit is a wonderful thing xx

Ladkyis said...

Oh how my Dad would have loved the things they do for injured soldiers these days. He had a heavy aluminium leg that once had a foot until he removed it because it tripped him up and made him slow. The awful part was that after his death we had to return the limbs to the MoH or whatever they call themselves and had to account for the loss of one of the rubber things - like a giant walking stick rubber - Mr M explained quietly that we were more concerned with the loss of my father and they could send us a bill. They never did

Abi said...

Wow. There are no words really. Incredibly humbling. I was so moved by the invictus games, i'm pleased that there is now more awareness of the personal stories of our service men and women.

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