Sunday, 15 February 2015

Borough Market

"Where shall we go today?" I asked him.
"Borough Market," he said. 
 "Piccadilly line to Green Park, then Jubilee Line to London Bridge.  
I've never been to Borough Market." 
Borough Market it was, then.

Borough Market claims to be 1,000 years old.
  I imagine that its proximity to London Bridge has always helped 
to attract traders selling grain, fish, vegetables and livestock.
It's well worth a visit, but perhaps not on a Saturday afternoon with an 8-year-old in tow.


debs14 said...

I love Borough Market. All those samples of food on offer, no need for breakfast! It's also close to my husband's favourite coffee shop, Monmouth coffee.

humel said...

Neither have I been - but it's now on my list :)

alexa said...

The clarity of your photos is fantastic. I've never been but my DD loves it ...

Ladkyis said...

My 3xgreat grandfather lived at 1 Borough Road. His Son had showroom on London Road and several of his other children lived in the area. I like to think that they would have visited Borough Market for their food. Whenever anyone mentions Borough Market I wonder if My 2xgreat grandmother shopped there. OH my 3x great grandfather died at I Borough Road after he was attacked at a saleroom on Pall Mall

Lizzy Hill said...

Hey there Ruth! I got your London postcard today!!! YAY!!!! So nice to pop around and see where everyone 'lives' in bloggy land as they arrive, too.....aaah LONDON.....fond memories of our visits there. A few years ago we spent a month exploring, based in Bayswater. LOOOOVED it!!!! This market looks fabulous:)