Saturday, 7 February 2015

Chelsea Morning

Of all the different parts of London, 
my favourite is the area of land between 
the King's Road and the Royal Hospital in Chelsea, 
an oasis of calm in the middle of hustle and bustle. 
There's history.
Of the really old kind.
 And the not-so-old kind.
There are beautiful mansion blocks.
With elegant entrances.
There are tasteful terraces.
And if you know the right people,
 there's a private members' club.
"Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning ..."


Liz said...

It is a gorgeous place. Hope Young Mr F was in good health. Cheers xx

Sian said...

It's the only bit of London I know even a little bit and it's certainly beautiful

alexa said...

I don't know this bit at all, so it's been a treat to be introduced. And your Chelsea friend must have been glad to see you too :).

Liz said...

Did you notice that we both did a post with buildings in it and both used the tern hustle and bustle? How spooky is that? xx

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