Friday, 13 February 2015

Valentine's Goodie Bags

Cupid's arrow obviously found its mark, 
because along with Valentine Hot Chocolate Jars
I've put together 25 bags of assorted chocolates and marshmallows.  
 For the children in The Boy Child's class, 
they each received a bag with a personalised gift tag.  
For the teachers, I stamped "love from" on the tags and The Boy Child added his name.  
The bags came from Poundland and the chocolate and marshmallows from M&S. 
 We took all 25 bags to school this morning.
 Where we left a bag on each desk.


Margaret J said...

Lovely - wish that I was in that classroom!

Liz said...

Oh you are good xx

Becky said...

How kind!

debs14 said...

How generous, I bet they were thrilled!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

So cute! I always loved Valentine's Day when I was in school, and for Carrie too. Your treat bags are adorable! ♥

alexa said...

A lovely shared project - I bet they were admired and gobbled up with alacrity!

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