Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter Goodie Bags

Today is the last day of term and The Boy Child 
has taken in 23 Easter goodie bags for staff and his classmates.
 I bought cookie bags, ribbon and Easter embellishments from Poundland.
 The ribbon was a real bargain.
 I added Cadbury's Mini Eggs and wrapped half-egg 
shaped chocolate from the supermarket.
 The Boy Child wrote tags for the staff.
And there we have it.
Putting our One Little Word into action.


Karen Moss said...

Lucky classmates. Your little gifts look so sweet.

alexa said...

I remember thinking before when you both made beautiful bags for him to take to school how delighted they must all have been - and these will be greeting warmly, I'm sure. A lovely thought and action.

Sian said...

They look beautiful

Maria Ontiveros said...

These look lovely! I would so like to have one appear on my doorstep, as we aren't really doing anything for Easter this year.

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