Saturday, 25 April 2015

HMS Belfast

I sent The Boy Child and The Brainy One off to London Bridge this morning.
I'd invited The Good Friend and The Good Friend's dad along as well.
HMS Belfast is a decommissioned warship and
she is permanently moored on the Thames opposite the Tower of London.
When I was thinking about activities for this weekend, it struck me 
that the Belfast is the perfect outing for boys.

I was able to sell them the idea.
And I stayed at home.


Margaret J said...

A good day out for boys of all ages.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

My boy had a "Kip in a Ship" on there last year. Apparently the breakfast they served was awful! Hope they had a great day out.

alexa said...

Oh, I just loved your killer last line! Hoping they all enjoyed it and want to go back again, and again :).

Sian said...

Excellent! And I like Alexa's suggestion..they might like a return trip..

Liz said...

If they like that they'll love the USS Texas xxx

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