Thursday, 2 April 2015

Kick Starting the Holidays

The Boy Child began his Easter break from school at lunch time on Tuesday.
We have a little tradition.
We go to a pizzeria for lunch.
We go home and he gets changed out of his uniform.
We take his blazer to the dry cleaners.
Once home again, we check out his homework and put it to one side.
That first afternoon is for relaxing and not much else.
How do you start the holidays with your child/ren?


Sian said...

It's still all about the food here. One of them emails me his requests for dinner his first night back, and the other one plans what to bake in her free time.

Enjoy the break!

Abi said...

What a fab tradition. We used to go out for a meal too. Boarding school often finished at lunchtime (I have no idea why!) and we would be picked up, trunks loaded into the back of the car and then into town for lunch before we headed home. Those were the days!

Dawn said...

He looks so grown up!

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