Friday, 24 April 2015

The Bathroom | The Done for Now Edition

After around seven weeks out of action, the bathroom is ready to be used again.
The Boy Child will christen the bath this evening.
I love how the mosaic looks and how the tiler took the time
 to follow the design around the mirrors 
 I intend to keep the bathroom clutter free ...
The shower screen needs to be added 
and the remaining decoration completed
(white walls and ceiling).
I will also be adding a red window blind.
The red towels and bath mat are new and intended for The Boy Child's sole use.
Behind the door is a tallboy unit which matches the sink unit.
The palm tree photo was taken in Texas last December.
I plan to add more palm tree photos (after I've taken them this summer)
and add them to this slightly hidden corner.
I am shamelessly pinching this idea from Elise
It holds spare towels and a cute photo of The Boy Child from 2008.
The frame is broken, which is why it's propped up. 
 We are lucky enough to have more than one bathroom
and it wasn't a hardship to have the three of us using the same space.
Although The Brainy One disagrees with that last sentiment.
Next up, the downstairs loo, with plans for the en-suite after the summer. 


Sian said...

It looks fantastic!

We had a bathroom just like your old one in our old house..I can't help wondering now if it has been refreshed yet

Liz said...

Looking good. Not sure when I'll be able to check it out in person though.
:( xxx

Abi said...

It looks so fab Ruth! I love the pops of red. We re-did our downstairs bathroom last summer and it was my 'job' to paint the room! I am still quite proud of it! Thankfully I didn't turn my hand to the tiling and we go a professional in!

Margaret J said...

Looks good

alexa said...

What a super job - and the mosaics are indeed very nicely done in a band like that. Hoping the Boy Child enjoys his ablutions in it!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

It looks fantastic, Ruth. I love those mosaic tiles. We put blue ones in our old bathroom, but had the same floor to ceiling white tiles and white suite.

Kirsty.A said...

looks lovely. Enjoy

Ladkyis said...

Lovely, I am in the process of suggesting that our bathroom needs dragging into the 21st century - the house was built in 1888 with a bathroom, it has a 1974 bath and basin so we need to renew

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