Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Things He Says | The Manners Maketh The Boy Edition

Like the majority of small people, typical or otherwise,
 The Boy Child has an annoying habit of interrupting adults.
I saw this great post on A Cup of Jo yesterday: 
I was chatting with a friend one day when her 3-year-old son wanted to say something. Instead of interrupting though, he simply placed his hand on her wrist and waited. My friend placed her hand over his to acknowledge him and we continued chatting.
After she had finished what she was saying, she turned to him. I was in awe! So simple. So gentle. So respectful of both the child and the adult. Her son only needed to wait a few seconds for my friend to finish her sentence. Then she gave him her complete attention.
Such a simple gesture, and so respectful of the child and yourself and the person you're speaking with:
 and decided to try it out on The Boy Child today.
After I'd explained what I wanted him to do if he wanted the attention
of an adult who was in the middle of a conversation, he exclaimed,
"What??  Are you kidding me?
(Best read in an American accent ~ think Chicago gangster.)


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Ha! Awesome. Your boy child makes me laugh. But I do really love the idea for helping a child to wait their turn.

alexa said...

A great idea - tell him it'll grow on him!

Abi said...

That's a wonderful idea. I love the boy child's reaction though, for all its humour! I agree with Alexa, i'm sure he will try it out now you've suggested it.

Sian said...

I think it's a great idea. It reminds me of the system we used to have in Guides, where the leader would raise her right arm if she wanted us to be quiet, and everyone then had to raise an arm once they had stopped talking too

Liz said...

It's a great idea. Maybe I should try it on the Teenager!! x

Ladkyis said...

I did that with mine - good grief that's nearly 50 years ago - Youngest son would hold my wrist and jiggle with impatience but he remained silent until I looked at him.
I assumed everyone knew this ~ perhaps I should dredge up other things I did to make life easy and quiet

debs14 said...

I have never heard of this before, but what a good idea!

Kirsty.A said...

lovely idea. Sian - I used to love the ripple effect on n entire of field of Guides when 1 leader raised her hand. I've used that in class but never the hand with my children. Are you kidding me???

Anonymous said...

My three year old great niece has been taught by her parents' not to interrupt. She waits and then says in the cutest and sweetest voice ' Excuse me Aunty Carole ...' I am so touched by her politeness I stop instantly and turn all my attention to whatever she wants to tell me!

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