Monday, 4 May 2015

Me on Monday | Photo Heavy

It's been a:
finding it hard to believe it's been 30 years,
drinking tea in bed,
not getting up until 9am,
bed changing,
dog walking,
duckling counting,
more tea drinking,
washing hanging out,
packed lunch making,
waving off,
Tube travelling,
and a visiting Grandad P.
 kind of Monday.
With an evening of scrapbooking still to come.

This post is adapted from Sian's Me on Monday theme,
 which you can find on the
 fabulous From High in the Sky blog.


debs14 said...

You've certainly made the most of your Bank Holiday Monday!

Unknown said...

Seems like a full day

Melissa said...

Sounds & looks like a lovely day!

Sian said...

It looks like you had plenty going on there for a holiday day. We sat and looked out at the rain and ate left over cake. Then after the cake eating I felt duty bound to go to Pilates.

Have a great week Ruth

Liz said...

A lovely May day. Hope Grandad P is feeling better xx

alexa said...

Super photos, Ruth, and a real flavour of your dday. I do like that seaside-y mug ...

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