Saturday, 16 May 2015

Saturday Doings

It's been a funny old day for us.
Next week sees The Boy Child sit his first ever set of exams.
While some subjects will see him attempting a modified exam,
 the majority of the subjects will make little or no allowance for The Boy Child's difficulties.
(How I feel about that is worth a post on its own.)   
Our Saturday has thus consisted mostly of this.
 We did, however, factor in opportunities for down time.

 I would even go as far as to say it's been a good day.
And Sunday?
More of the same.


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I feel your pain. My boy's teacher said he was the best verbal Geographer he had taught in the last 10 years. A fact which (so far) has not been borne out in his written exam results. Good luck to TBC.

Unknown said...

In my thoughts as always x

debs14 said...

I hate the fact that they are tested from such an early age, it's so wrong. Learning should be fun for them and there is no need for stringent testing at primary school. I especially hate the way our school predicts students' GCSEs grades from their SATS results. How much do children change between the years of 10 and 16? how can you possibly predict. Makes me so mad!

joy said...

SATS exams are really about grading schools rather than any usefulness for students. Our education system is not very good with children who dont fit in the box. As Albert Einstein said - if you judge every creature by the same criteria, a fish with live its whole life thinking it is stupid because it can't climb a tree (or something like that).
Given that you have no choice in the matter, I hope you and BC don't find the whole thing too stressful. Joy xx

Sian said...

Very best of luck to him!

We're sick of exams here. There are far too many of them

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