Sunday, 31 May 2015

Things He Says | The Say It How He Sees It (Part 2) Edition

"Mum, you look ugly when you're asleep.  Your mouth is open."

The directness that comes with autism can be a challenge.
I know that he isn't being deliberately rude, but other people don't.
He doesn't understand social mores 
and he has yet to work out he might
need to think before he gives a voice
to his thoughts. 
And, in the spirit of directness, it's exhausting 
explaining why he says some of the things he says. 


debs14 said...

It's quite a skill isn't it, the knowledge of how to keep some thoughts inside your head rather than voicing them out loud!

Ladkyis said...

and he's a kid and all kids give voice to their thoughts if they are secure in their lives. Insecure and frightened kids keep quiet.

I love the things he says, I always wish I was there to hear him so I could share it.

alexa said...

And yet there is something wonderfully refreshing about those who just say it like they see it!

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