Friday, 12 June 2015

Recognising Progress

The Boy Child's school has, in my opinion, been a little slow 
to recognise his achievements over this last academic year. 
Until today.
Less than four weeks to the end of the school year.
His SLT sent through an award for excellent progress 
and his teacher awarded him Star of the Week for his can do attitude.
Perfect examples of hard work being rewarded.
If a little late in the day, but that's just my opinion.


alexa said...

Glad that he has had the recognition and praise that he deserves. As you say, earlier would have better and more motivating. But good to see :).

Sian said...

Hooray! Tell him I say he rocks :)

Patio Postcards said...

Well done Boy Child! A "can do" attitude will take him far in life, which has been so nurtured & encouraged by you and the Briany One :)

debs14 said...

Pleased to hear they have acknowledged all his hard work at last! Give him my congratulations x

Ladkyis said...

Most schools are pants at it. Something happens to the most dedicated teachers I think it is SATS and they get caught up in the "must-get-good-scores" hype so that the children are no longer seen as people just statistics. Then they suddenly realise that it is nearly the end of the year and no one has been praised for a while. Miss Boo has the same happening in her school. It is good that TBC has the benefit of parents who care. This makes such a difference

Liz said...

That's excellent news . We knew he could do it just seems it took the school a little longer to realise that too. xxx

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