Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Teacher Gifts

End of term is a mere week away
and that means Teacher Gifts.
These last few years have seen me spend 
far more than I should on these "small tokens of thanks".
This year I had a plan.
I wanted a lot more bang for my buck.
 The store smells heavenly and the staff tempt you with free samples.
The Strawberry White Thins are divine.
 There's no denying that some items are expensive. 
 Let's not forget that we're talking about chocolate.
But careful perusing spots the affordable items.
Ribbon (beautifully tied in front of you) and gift bag included.
I added the tissue paper and The Boy Child will add a tag.


Abi said...

As a daughter of a teacher, I know that chocolates are always highly appreciated...by all the family!

debs14 said...

Lucky teachers! What a special treat.

Sian said...

What Abi said!

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