Sunday, 12 July 2015

Holiday Homework

       If The Boy Child had his way, he wouldn't pick up a pen or pencil 
for most of the Summer holidays.  
{Unless, of course, he was writing up sports results.}
I've written before about the anguish of holiday homework for all concerned.
When I read the letter from school about homework, I laughed:
    All pupils to read at least two novel type books and to write a review of the books, indicating the overall storyline, considered opinions of the books (likes, dislikes, characters with reasons and evidence from the books), the age and group range for which the book may be suitable...    
   pupils to undertake a project entitled ‘The European Union -what is it all about?’  This should include a short summary on the foundation of the EU and its current roles and how it is viewed in the UK.  
Here's what he'll be doing: thank-you notes, postcards and daily diary during our holiday.
Regular reading aloud of books of his choice, fiction or otherwise.
Simple maths: addition, subtraction, tables, etc,  
It will be enough.


pmk said...

I don't know if this is an indication of the difference between the Scottish/English systems, but I wouldn't expect a secondary school age child to get holiday homework like you describe!

Patio Postcards said...

I doubt that the experts running the EU could write an essay about what's it all about!. I agree with you summer homework plan, it will be enough.

Margaret J said...

Football results etc will be practice and far more interesting than the EU! I will always accept another beautiful hand written letter. Keep it simple is a good idea.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

The school's expectations are ridiculous, frankly. I'm not exactly sure of your boy's age, but what you have in mind seems far more appropriate, to me. My boy had to write a piece like that on the EU recently. He's just finished his A Levels!

Liz said...

No wonder the school has such long holidays - the parents are supervising half of the curriculum at home!! Your way sounds much less stressful. BTW his writing is beautiful xxx

debs14 said...

Oh my goodness, even at our secondary school students are given six weeks HOLIDAY! No homework at all. That's a crazy amount for a primary school age child. He needs exactly what you have planned for him. Fun and new places to visit with a small bit of maths etc just to keep him 'on the boil' for when term returns x

Carole R said...

That certainly is enough! A child who writes a thank you note is a complete star in my book!

Sian said...

European Union? Are they having a laugh?