Sunday, 19 July 2015

Scrapbooking | The Reason Why

I love to see The Boy Child looking through our scrapbooks.
His current favourite is the one about his first four years of school.  
{I wrote about putting it together here.}
I would give my eyeteeth for such a scrapbook.
Of course, I grew up in the days pre Internet and digital cameras,
 so photos of me at school, other that the annual school photo, 
are few and far between.
But wouldn't it be fantastic to own such a complete visual record
of the halcyon days of our school years?  


debs14 said...

Oh yes! What a fab moments for him (and you of course!)
Someone posted on YouTube some video of my primary school in 1964 when I would have been 6. It looked so old! But oh the innocence of youth, playtime was full of skipping and chasing and climbing all over the climbing frame - which was cemented into concrete, no Health and Safety concerns in those days!

Karen said...

Yes it would have been fabulous and I am really sad that digi cameras weren't around when Gracia was small and due to the cost of processing we have very few photos of her as a baby/small child.

Sian said...

Yes! I'd give my eye teeth too. I have very few photos of my own school days. They only date from the day I asked for a camera for my birthday. You are doing an amazing job.

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