Thursday, 2 July 2015

Scrapbooking | The Teenage Years

When I made the page about my nephew's recent
Graduation from an American High School, 
it dawned on me that I hadn't added anything to his album 
since his 16th birthday
when my sister gave him an ironing lesson.
Because I don't have any photos of him after that date.
He's not one for having his photo taken.
Like hen's teeth, photos of my nephew.
Just like millions of other teenage boys around the globe
However, living in the USA for the last year has opened up a whole load of firsts for him
 and Sib has been good about photographing 
those firsts and sharing them via FB and her blog.
 I started by looking back through both of our blogs
and through my photo archive (which is stored by month and year.)
Beginning at the beginning, the page below is about the day he and my sister left the UK

 Jumping ahead a few months, this one is about Homecoming.
Something we Brits don't have in our school system.

First day of school, Homecoming Dance, Senior year book photo, prom night ...
His album is going to be a whole lot fuller than it was!  


Liz said...

Looking good. You will need to help me organise his albums when you get here. None of mine are in date order so it may take a while. Maybe a job for when TBC is in bed!!

Sian said...

I bet when he sees these he might realise the benefits of a photo or two. It's the same round here though

Margaret J said...

Looks good

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