Saturday, 22 August 2015

Johnson Space Centre | Revisited

We visited NASA at Johnson Space Centre 
twice during our last stay in Texas.
This week, the whole family went.
 We took the tram tour to Mission Control.
 With its sense of history  
and triumph over adversity
 We admired the awesome rocket.
And took advantage of another photographer in the family.
 I've no desire to go into space myself,
 but I have unlimited admiration
for those who possess the necessary courage
and aptitude to achieve their dream of going
 beyond our planet. 


Alison said...

Just had a lovely catch up...looks like you're having a great holiday and as always your photos give a real flavour of it all! Xx

Sian said...'s mind blowing isn't it? The thought that anyone could be brave enough

Liz said...

Maybe you have to be just a little bit nuts to be shot into space!! Either way I'm glad it wasn't me. You know me and heights!! :0) xxx

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