Friday, 28 August 2015

The Alamo

We Brits have heard of the Alamo and of Davy Crockett.
But that's about the limit of our knowledge. 
 The Alamo is held in the highest regard by all Texans
 (and, I'm assuming, most Americans).
 I may have sneaked a photo (on museum setting) ...
 Here's a potted history: the Alamo played a
critical role in the Texas Revolution in 1836.
The Mexican army had the Alamo under siege for 13 days
and their final assault ended with the massacre of almost 200 defenders, 
including James Bowie (of the knife fame), Davy Crockett (he of the furry hat)
and William Travis (the Garrison commander and only 26 years old).    
The Alamo is remembered as an heroic struggle against overwhelming odds
- a place where men made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom.
For this reason, the Alamo remains hallowed ground
and the Shrine of Texas Liberty.  
So there you have it.
The Boy Child may have been persuaded 
to channel his inner Davy Crockett.


Sian said...

This is something I'd love to see. And yes, I'd probably try a hat too

Patio Postcards said...

Ah the hat - my Dad had one as a little boy. Most of what I remember from history class, besides being a historically special moment, is that Davey Crockett and I have the same birth day. Your Texas photos are certainly capturing that big beautiful blue sky!

Margaret J said...

History is always interesting and many folk of my generation learned about that moment in history from the film The Alamo starring John Wayne. Not sure how accurate it was. Loved the photos.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Now who would have ever thought I'd be reading about American history on my British friend's blog? ;o) The Alamo is a cool place to visit. I was there for a "girl's weekend" with my mom and sister to celebrate my 40th birthday. I hope you made it to the River Walk as well. Your boy looks cute in his Davy Crockett hat. ♥

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