Friday, 25 September 2015

Five on Friday | The Starting Over Edition

The Boy Child and I are into our fourth week
at the new school.
Here's a few initial thoughts from me.
~ the school is behind this church ~
1) Drop-off and pick-up are chaotic!  
They probably aren't, it just feels that way.

2) The other kiddos are super-friendly, their mums not so much.
Only two have spoken to me and one of them I knew by sight from the gym.

3) It's a lot less personal.  I knew it would be.
I haven't spoken more than half a dozen words
to the class teacher since the beginning of term.
4) Volunteering is not as straight-forward.
I have to wait to be asked.
I have to complete another DBS check
even though I was cleared for a school less than 500 metres away.
In the same LEA.
I will have to complete a training session.

5)  The Boy Child is a lot more relaxed, homework
and spellings test notwithstanding.
Which is good.


Julie Kirk said...

Ooh, I can feel the spiky edges from here. Sounds tough. Waiting to be asked? Urgh!

It's nice to see point 5 though.

debs14 said...

He's happy and relaxed which is great to see. Your CRB check would have run out during the hols, you can't have more than 8 weeks gap in working with children (I think!) crazy though.
What a shame the other parents aren't so welcoming, hopefully that will improve as TBC makes his new friends and you can chat to their mums.

ScrappingKatie said...

Hello! Glad to hear he is happy, you must be relieved. I think a new school is just as hard for mums, I found it so strange to be back in the playground trying to build friendships with new people as my four year old sailed into reception. Hopefully they will be more welcoming as time goes on. If it is any consolation I am a teacher and currently have 4 valid DBS certificates! Each school wants to do their own check so I have three for teaching plus another to volunteer at my children's school, 500 yds from the secondary where I work! At £25 a go I am in the wrong business. Good luck this term, I hope it continues to be a more supportive environment :)

Sian said...

He certainly looks happy and if the kids are friendly then I'm thinking probably their parents will warm up in time. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you ..going home time is always nicer with a chat!

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