Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The Crafting Agony of Mini-books*

I've had cause this last week or so to make 
a personalised gift for The Boy Child to give someone.
I start with good intentions and end 
wondering why I put myself through it.
 It's not the cutting of the cardstock.
 It's not even the design.
 It's the binding.
I never, ever get the binding right on the first attempt.
But I console myself with the knowledge
that the recipient(s) will love what I have made.
Because I made it for them.
And we all know that you should never 
judge a book by its cover. 

* a first world problem, obviously.


Liz said...

I get a scrap of paper and measure out where the center is and then use it as a template in front of every individual page. It saves time and a lot of fiddling about. It seems to have worked OK so far. xx

Sian said...

I get someone else to do the binding for me. I'm a coward :)

It'll be much loved. I don't doubt it.

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