Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Autism and the Everyday | #5

There are some things about autism that are hard to live with.
  It's all relative because, let's be honest, autism is hard to live with.
Full stop. 
Let's talk paperwork.
We may supposedly now live in a paperless society,
but the memo (the irony) on that has never reached Children's Services.
Dealings with Children's Services happen at a glacial pace,
as I have mentioned previously, and because of that, 
I now communicate with them by email or by hand.
I have an audit trail.
I no longer trust a telephone call.
I no longer trust Children's Services to be on top of things.
(An example of this is the time The Brainy One and I 
were called to a meeting with the pediatrician beginning by asking what we wanted 
and who then proceeded to read to us a letter about The Boy Child.
Not realising it was a letter that we had written.)  
The downside is that I daren't recycle anything remotely
related to school placement or statement review or additional needs in general.
I also have a ton of paperwork relating to Speech & Language
and Occupational Therapy. 
Storage for easy referral is becoming harder and harder to accommodate. 


debs14 said...

I think the paperless office is far from happening. I see a little from the other side of school paperwork and know just how much work goes on within the SEN department. Such a shame that the department between you, the parents, and the school is so inefficient , you'll get there in the end, but it shouldn't be so difficult.

Becky said...

We are having such a time at the moment trying to get help for Penny. There is NOTHING available for adults with Aspergers (or just autism as we are now supposed to say). I am so stressed with it all. All we want is some help for her to help her get along in the adult world and we are getting nowhere. I could cry from the frustration and helplessness I feel. She is so sad and anxious all the time. I have Hugh to support me but we need more. I know that you will understand how I am feeling. Sorry to spout all this out here. Good luck with all your paperwork.

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