Sunday, 25 October 2015

Hillman's Tearoom | Photo Heavy

After exploring E17 for a few hours with a difficult The Boy Child in tow, 
it was time to indulge in tea and cake,
and thanks to Jaime at Angloyankophile, we knew exactly where to go.
 A teeny-tiny teashop; so tiny we actually walked past it and had to retrace our steps.
 Unfortunately for us, they were full.  But on seeing my disappointed face
and on hearing The Boy Child give voice to his thoughts,
the staff suggested we sit outside. 
 Decaf loose-leaf English Breakfast tea in beautiful 1940s mismatched china 
 went perfectly with still-warm scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream.
 Although the place was full, the owner welcomed me and my camera. 
 It was though I was snooping about in my Great Granny's parlour!
 The attention to detail in such a small space was astonishing.
If only we could have drunk our tea and wolfed our scones in such a beautiful setting ...
instead, I had to make do with peering through the windows.

You can find them at:   Hillman’s Tearoom ,The Georgian Village, 
100 Wood Street, Walthamstow,  London E17 3HX 
Phone: 07742 436995 
They take reservations, which I'll make use of before my next visit.  


Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a beautiful little tea shop. Just like having afternoon tea with my Great Aunt Vi when I was a little girl.

Sian said...

Don't you wonder how they make a profit out of such a tiny space?

I'm not a tea drinker; but this certainly takes me back to sitting in my Grandma's, admiring her teacup collection

Ladkyis said...

they make a profit because they charge the prices to make sure. The most it costs to make a cup of tea - even using gold plated tea leaves would be ten pence a pot. The minimum charge I have seen for a bog-standard tea bag tea is £2.00 a pot the scones probably cost ten pence each to make plus the jam and butter so add another ten pence.
The food business is the place where all establishments make their money. That's why the National Trust has a cafe in every property - and that's why we always have a cuppa every where we go.

removes catering manager hat and wanders off

Margaret J said...

Looks beautiful - proper tea time with China cups and saucers make everything taste good

Louise H said...

So nice to get such a good service - I hope you both had a thoroughly good time.

alexa said...

Such atmospheric photos - you've captured the details of it beautifully. I will pass this information on to my DD :). Sorry you didn't get to enjoy the inside but hopefully the Boy Child enjoyed it nevertheless.

Liz said...

It looks like the sister shop to the Harbour Tea Room in Lossie. Maybe they're related. Hope the scones were nice and that TBC enjoyed them too. xx

Angloyankophile said...

So glad you enjoyed it, Ruth, but sorry you didn't get to sit inside! The owner is really warm and welcoming - I love it there. Thanks so much again for linking to my blog! Hope you had a lovely day.

Anonymous said...

It looks so cozy and charming - reminds me of tea at my grandparents. I still have one of those teacups. All that mismatched china - I see some very familiar patterns there!

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