Tuesday, 20 October 2015

The Weather

It's a universally acknowledged fact that we Brits love to talk about the weather.
The reason of course, is not because the UK's weather is spectacularly bad (ahem),
it's more of an ice breaker and a conversation starter.
Whereas an American might say, "How 'bout them Cubs?"
(or so we are led to believe, thanks to US TV and cinema),
we choose the weather for our opening gambit.
(after we have said, "how are you?" first, obvs ..) 
London has been blessed with plenty of glorious skies throughout October
and I've been photographing them at every opportunity.
You know what I did with those photos, don't you?
Do you talk about the weather as a matter of course?
Do you photograph the weather?


debs14 said...

I do find that dog walkers like to stop and comment on the weather! It's been lovely to see blue skies but the temperature has definitely dipped here. Heating is back on!

Margaret J said...

Those blue skies will be the envy of many folk! Long may they last.

Sian said...

Yes. We talk about the weather here all the time. And I have made pages about our lack of sun. We've had a few sunny days this month and they've been a delight. Usually we're talking about rain

Liz said...

You have our blue skies. It's been grey here for the last few days. Still warm though!! xx

Anonymous said...

Oh my yes! Canadians are known for talking about the weather although right now the Toronto Blue Jays (baseball team) have sort of taken over the topic of conversation (keeping fingers crossed for tonight's game).

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