Sunday, 4 October 2015

Things He Says | The Chelsea Pensioner Edition

Us: "How are you?"
Him: "Dying."

Grandad P. is proper poorly.
It's over 8 weeks since he had major surgery
and he is still mostly bedridden.
When I met up with him last week,
I barely recognised him.
He's not afraid of dying.
He's lived a good life.
It's us who are having difficulties 
in facing up to the fact
that his end is nearer than we want it to be.
Please hold him in your thoughts and prayers.  


debs14 said...

So hard to say goodbye, but it sounds like he has had a full and happy life and is accepting of the fact that his time is nearly up. You are lucky to have had him in your lives for so long, but that doesn't make this stage any easier. The worst thing about loving someone is letting them go. Thinking of you all x

Margaret J said...

This is a hard time but we have been blessed by knowing Grandad P and he knows his destination with peace in his heart.

Patio Postcards said...

Your post made me very teary and I do not even know Grandad P. personally. Holding him and those that love him in my thoughts. Sending positive energy.

Sian said...

I'm so sorry to hear this. Just as soon as I saw the photo I had my suspicions about what your post might say. Thinking about you all because I know getting ready to say goodbye is never easy x

pmk said...

Sudden death is difficult but knowing it's coming is also difficult to deal with. Thinking of you all x

alexa said...

You have tenderly shared so much of your meetings and conversations with him over the years, that he has become a familiar and welcome figure to many of us online. I hope you can let him know that we are sending warmest thoughts to him and to you, for a gentle letting go ...

Liz said...

Such a lovely man. You have been so lucky to have him in your life. Saying goodbye is never easy but as mum said he has peace in his heart. Thinking of you all. Please let him know that we send him our love. xx

Gail said...

Keeping him, you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Oh, Ruth, this post really got me. :o( This Friday marks 3 years since my mom died, and I think it's interesting that she never uttered the words, "I'm dying" until VERY close to the end. She was so afraid, that it was difficult for her to admit what was really happening. I will definitely keep your dear friend in my thoughts and prayers. What a blessing to have known such a beautiful soul in him. I wish him God's speed on his journey, and for strength and grace for you, my friend. ♥