Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Wedding Dress

I made the decision on the spur of the moment.
(And knew there'd be a blog post in it.)
Next Wednesday is our 10th wedding anniversary
and I have decided to donate my wedding dress to the charity shop.
It's been in a rather lovely box for almost 10 years. 
 Either on top of a wardrobe or taking up valuable space
in the bottom of a wardrobe.  
I unpacked it to check on its condition (and to photograph it one
last time).  There's a few yellow spots on the skirt, which I hope will
come out with dry cleaning. (I did pack it away clean.) 
 And let's be honest, there's no way I'm going to be able to fit in it.
Not after having produced a baby the wrong side of 9lbs,
and months years of the evening grazing diet.
 So I wrote a note on a decent quality notelet
(and I've just spotted a grammatical error ...)
 and tied it to one of the hanger ribbons (or whatever their proper name is).
  If you fancy a look in person, it will be in 
Mary's Living and Giving charity shop in W5.
You can see me wearing it here and here.


Sian said...

Putting the little note on the card is just the loveliest touch. I'm sure it will be much appreciated. You were a beautiful bride, the dress is stunning..and your generosity has probably made somebody's day. Bet I don't read another post I like as much today.

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

What a beautiful dress and a generous donation. I'm having a wardrobe clear out currently and was wondering what to do with my wedding outfit. I know I'll never wear it again, but as I sewed it myself it makes it that little bit harder to part with. My Mum donated hers to the local Arts Centre to add to their extensive costume collection.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I think it's a great idea to let the dress go to someone else who will enjoy it, and I LOVE that you included a sweet note with it. Really nice! xo

alexa said...

Someone somewhere is going to treasure this ... and perhaps keep it and add a note of their own on a distant future day. What a lovely thing to do, Ruth. You are indeed beautiful. (Did you notice the present tense?).

Ladkyis said...

Oh you are so beautiful! the dress is lovely too and the little note is just perfect.
I cut up the dress from my first wedding and used some of it to be a fairy from a Christmas tree - long story but someone dropped a hat so I performed.
The dress I wore for my "arrange-it-in-four-days-so-whats-clean" wedding was a pretty floral print that I bought for £3 in Bamber's sale in 1980 and I wore it to death. Pretty soon after that I decided I wasn't going to wear dresses or skirts any more and I haven't done for 30 years.

Abi said...

Oh this made me tear up. For many reasons, the note, the anniversary. Everything. I have also spent the last few months looking for wedding dresses and feeling so disheartened at the cost of them and knowing that what I wanted was pretty much out of my price range. Thankfully last Month I found one 'off the peg' for a fraction of the cost and am so happy with it. I know your dress will go to someone in a similar situation who wants to look beautiful but can't afford to pay as much. Thank you, thank you for donating it Ruth. I'm sure the future owner will love it.

Angloyankophile said...

This is so, so lovely, Ruth! Whoever the new recipient is will wear it with love and care, I'm sure.

Julie Kirk said...

What a perfect ending to the story of its life with you; the start of a new life with someone [or many someones!] else. Wonderful. x

Anonymous said...

I had to smile reading this - last year or was it the year before I did the same thing with my dress and like you I opened up the box to get just one more picture of it! I wish I'd thought to write a note like you did.

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