Saturday, 14 November 2015

A Lament for My Nikon D3100

Back in November 2011, The Brainy One gave me a Nikon D3100 dSLR 
camera as an early Christmas present.
Yesterday, it died.
It was a quick death, one without any warning.
And I feel bereft.
{How very First World of me.} 
Now I have the dilemma of whether to pursue a repair at Nikon HQ
or buy another, as the latter option may actually prove to be the financially prudent one.
This camera has been integral to my life these last four years.
I've carried it everywhere.
I've captured thousands of moments, ten thousand moments, with it.  
And it's looking a little worse for the wear.
I always thought that was just cosmetic; the innards were still doing their thing.
But sadly no longer.


Abi said...

My SLR met a death this summer. I popped it in my rucksack with a bottle of water that leaked. It was a sad day and I have to admit tears were shed. It has since dried out and is sporadically working but I think a new one will be needed soon. have you looked at MPB Photographic? I sold my lens to them a couple of months ago and they were very efficient. They have a really good range of decent second hand SLR's, a lot of them in nearly new condition.

Ladkyis said...

a quick note to Santa and his helpers is in order I think.
The person who gave me the panasonic (did I say it has a Leica lens?) offered me the option of a DSLR and I thought long and hard before saying no.
The idea of all those whistles and bells is soooo tempting but would be wasted because I would spend an hour playing when I got it and then stick it on auto and there it would remain. I am not a photographer I am a snapper and my camera more than fills my needs and that 's what matters. Ask TBO to check with Santa too

Sian said...

Aw no. That's grim! I'm thinking santa might need to do an early delivery? I can't imagine you without your third hand for more than another month. I'm looking forward to seeing what you choose..the 3500 maybe?

alexa said...

Ouch. What a bad time of year for it to happen. Mind you, there is no good time, is there! Hoping there is a festive financial hand somewhere to help ...

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