Wednesday, 11 November 2015

On Passport Renewal and Vanity

I like to think that I'm not vain,
but even I had to accept that it was beginning to look that way.
 Four attempts at a half-way decent passport photo
is, let's be honest here, three attempts too many. 
 "Just pick one and be done, " I said to myself.
"It's not as if anyone will be looking at it..."
 And therein lies the rub.
People will be looking at it, obvs, then at me and back at it again.
For the next 10 years.
Still, I can console myself with the knowledge that none 
of the four attempts are anywhere near as bad
as the black and white photo in my first ever 10-year passport.
Dad remarked that I looked like Myra Hindley with dark hair.   
That's how bad it was. 


Sian said...

Oh, sorry for laughing! But it's such a great subject for a post and a page. I'm so vain that even tho I found my old Visitor's passport (which I got in 3rd Form) the other day, I haven't shown it to TNSSO, and I'm sure she would be intrigued by its novelty value

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm laughing too, because when I received my new passport (about 5 years ago) my friend said, "Oh god, you look like Myra Hindley." Never mind, I only have 5 more years to put up with it!

Patio Postcards said...

Too funny. Great page idea. I took such pleasure in ripping up my old passport photo, it's what makes this one bearable, knowing I'll have another ripping time.

Margaret J said...

Leaving the country is the easy part - getting back in is the problem! My photo looks like Marley's ghost on a bad day! It's locked away out of sight.

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