Wednesday, 20 January 2016


Helena has a new photographic theme for 2016:
 Snap, a visually linked group of 2 to 4 images.
These images show the arrival of winter in the 'burbs.
Frost on the car's windscreen and ice on the lake in the park. 
You can see more here.


helena said...

well done on capturing the windscreen before you scrape it off and lovely light on the pond

debs14 said...

It always seems funny to see ducks walking on the surface of the lake doesn't it? Those photos definitely sum up this weekend's weather!

Patio Postcards said...

I like to watch the ducks & geese walk on the frozen ponds. Great Snap to reflect a winter's day.

Liz said...

Brrr!!! I do miss a nice walk when it's brisk outside :)

alexa said...

Your lovely photo of the pond and ice reminds me of seeing ducks coming into land on our nearby frozen lake and their surprise (I swear it was surprise!) on skidding along the top for ten yards. Great pairing.

marshaleith said...

beautiful pond reflections