Monday, 29 February 2016

Memorandum Monday

Monday has rolled around again, and that means it's time to
join in with the lovely Sian and
 share something that I've learnt over the weekend.
When feeling sad and miserable is currently your de facto setting,
 hanging out in bed is the preferred option. 
Going to bed before your 9 year old son is optional.
I had my iPad Mini (for the first two episodes of the OJ Simpson drama),
 my notebook from the Store of Utter Gorgeousness 
and a box of hankies for my snotty nose.
{Socks knitted by Sian.} 

You can see what Sian discovered over the weekend here


debs14 said...

When you're feeling like that there really is nothing better than to put on your pjs and get comfortable with some good reading/viewing material.

Jane said...

I always find that's the best place to be, it feels like I am hiding away from the world.

Sian said...

I am only sorry, as I said on IG, that the only thing socks can fix is cold feet.

Patio Postcards said...

Yes bed was the best place for you - a nest of sorts for comfort. Be gentle with yourself. By the way, nice PJ's & socks.

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