Monday, 7 March 2016

Happy Mail and When It's Anything But

What to call it?  It's not something that can be filed
 under the generic title of Happy Mail.
I'm pretty certain that the recipient will cry when they receive it.
You see, Mum asked that we take the time to thank her friends
for all their years of love, support and friendship.
Which is actually easier said than done.
I can write about four short letters in one sitting
 and then I have to stop.
I'm worried about missing someone out.
I'm worried that those two words, thank you, are just so inadequate. 
But right now, they're all I have.


Karen said...

You are such a good and loving daughter your mum will be looking down and feeling so proud of you xxx

alexa said...

Honouring your Mum's wishes like this, with such personal cost, shows the depth of your love and fidelity, Ruth. May you be blessed in turn.

Sian said...

A thank you is always enough. But a few at a time is plenty. You'll wear yourself out x

debs14 said...

That is bound to bring a tear to the eye of those you have written to, but what a lovely gesture. Not an easy thing to do, I am sure, but knowing it was what your mum wanted will give you the strength to get them written.

Patio Postcards said...

Oh wow. Thank you are often enough & I echo everyones comments about taking care of yourself, with doing a few at a time.

Alison said...

What a lovely thing for your mum to have thought about doing...hard on you, but she knew you'd make it happen ...take time to be kind to yourself though xx

Susanne said...

Oh bless you and do keep soldiering on, you and they will be glad you did.

Missus Wookie said...

A few at a time is plenty - those who loved her will appreciate the note whenever it arrives.

Beverly said...

What a difficult but lovely task. I have a sister that has Down Syndrome and now suffers dementia and lives in a nursing home. Last year we sent cards to 40 people that had truly been a blessing in her life, it simply said "Thank you for being my friend, love, Pat" and included a great pic of her. My parents received so many phone calls. Your notes will be so cherished by those you send them to. Go as slowly as you need, it's a journey.