Thursday, 17 March 2016

London Through My Lens

With the arrival of Spring in our part of the London suburbs,
I have been consciously choosing to take my big camera
with me when I walk the pooch.
And to use it. 
 There is an abundance of magnificent Magnolia trees locally,
which, coupled with brilliant blue skies
 and the white render of period houses make for stunning images. 
So much of this city of mine is beautiful; 
I just need to remember to look for it.


debs14 said...

Stunning photos. Magnolia blooms and blue skies, what a great combination.

Sian said...

Beautiful pictures

Patio Postcards said...

Very pretty. What a great walk route you have.

alexa said...

These are indeed wonderfully crisp - do you find the big camera makes a lot of difference? Hard to believe we are looking at the UK!

Susanne said...

Gorgeous snapsshots!!

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