Wednesday, 6 April 2016

London Through My Lens | Mayfair

The weather on Good Friday was magnificent, 
so I bundled The Boy Child into his coat and stilled his moans 
with the promise of a hot chocolate and a biscuit or three.
Destination: Mayfair. 
Specifically the roads off Berkeley Square.
I love the architecture and general planning in this part of town; 
beautiful red brick mansion blocks and 
hidden away public gardens.
 It's an area tourists seem to miss,
even though it's sandwiched in between Green Park,
Bond Street and Oxford Street. 
 Which is all to the good for those of us who are happy just to wander around.
I might not to able to afford to live here,
 but I can certainly sit in the hidden away garden squares
and watch the world go by.
Until, that is, The Boy Child reminds me that I promised hot chocolate
and a biscuit or three.  


Patio Postcards said...

Lovely Snap collection & I too enjoyed the walk around. Beautiful buildings. I like the detail over the windows in the first photo.

Sian said...

Your photos of your wanderings are always a joy. I like our "insider view!"

Susanne said...

Nifty snaps, you make me want to wander and explore with you.

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