Monday, 18 April 2016

On Blogging, Commenting and the General Lack of the Latter

Yesterday, after around an hour in front of my PC, I gave up.
The number of unread blog posts in my reader
 had reached four figures and was rising.
There was no way I'd be able to read them all and stay sane.  
I did what any sensible person did and marked the lot as read.
It was such a relief.
I'm the first to admit that I've been terrible at commenting on the few blogs
 I have read during the first quarter of 2016, but I'm claiming extenuating circumstances.
Comments on this blog are noticeably down, even though the blog traffic is reasonable.
Is is a quid pro quo?  Because my reading and commenting have dropped off, 
others aren't bothering to read and comment on what I write?
Do you think blog reading in general is in decline?
Are we pointing potential readers to other forms of social media,
because those platforms are quicker to use and launch as 'live'?
Thoughts welcome. 


Rhona Stevenson said...

Working full time nowI don't get the time to read many blogs or post, I find Instagram so much quicker to go through 😳 Or if a post notification pops up on Facebook when I'm skimming through I'll have a quick read (like now)

alexa said...

There are a few times in the last five months where I have wiped the slate clean too, because the sense of overwhelm becomes a stumbling block to even opening Feedly. I've not really cottoned on to Instagram much - it seems good for an quick snap and update, but I really miss the words and deeper sense of connection.I think perhaps people do comment less - or perhaps read and mean to pop back and comment but other things take over ... If I have missed a few posts on someone's blog (including here), I will try to catch up with the latest one and one other. hoping you can enjoy a sense of release and start again :).

Lynn said...

I must admit I'm a reader but these days rarely comment. I think other more interactive forms of social media are coming to the fore. I like instagram as you can like a post but not necessary comment - it shows the account owner that you are in touch - if you do want to comment it can be quick. I haven't blogged now for over 3 years and I do miss it but simply don't have the time to devote to do it how I would want to. I'm not scrapbooking any longer but have recently taken up sewing again so would like to share my creations but will probably use instagram for that. Also don't be too hard on yourself for marking all as read - real life does get in the way and I'm sure your readers understand that.

joy said...

Because of some things that life has thrown at me recently, I have (temporarily, I hope) given up writing my blog. However I do still read my "favourites", one of which is yours, but as I now try to spend less time on virtual stuff and more time on real stuff, commenting on blogs is one way of saving time in that respect. I was sad to read your "extenuating circumstances", but chose to keep silent as my mark of respect to you.
Joy x x

helena said...

I think there is a link between commenting and receiving comments - I notice that some people always leave a comment on my blog if I leave one on theirs and there are people where I comment on most of their posts asn tehy comment on most of mine and I like to maintain that. And I will admit that there are times when i become less inclined to comment if I notice that the otehr person has not commented on mine for months. So I thinkt here are both postive and negative reinforcing spirals at work in commenting relationships.

I will also admit to not knowing what to say inr esponce to beravement and so often remain silent rather than just doing what I would if you were in front of me which would be to give you a hug and listen

Abi said...

As you probably know Ruth I haven't blogged in ages. I want to but don't have the time to devote to it to make it what I want. There is also less to blog about when I'm teaching full time! As for commenting, I sometimes comment when I feel I have something to say however I'm normally popping in to visit a blog when I have a spare five minutes and time to comment is limited. I always mean to pop back and comment but my brain is like a sieve at the moment! I'm loving Instagram lately as I can update people quickly and 'like' posts from friends quickly too. X

Sian said...

I have as many hits as I've ever had, but yes, far fewer comments. and I admit that I do find that a little dispiriting at times..I hadn't realised how much I need to be able to bounce off what everyone else is saying to me in order to come up with new ideas for what I want to say in my posts myself.

I'm glad I have tried IG and liked it and I can see myself moving over there more because that's where everyone seem to be interacting.

Lots of people blame the rise of ipads. I haven't tried myself, but it is supposed to be hard to comment if you read that way

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

As others have mentioned, I believe the increase in use of Instagram has come to the forefront for me. I am blogging less, and visiting other blogs even less. Sometimes I read a blog post quickly, but don't always comment either because I can't come up with something clever, or I'm in a hurry. I've never really been one to just comment with one or two words and then be on my way. Back in the day when there was a nice handful of blog friends, I felt somewhat obligated to comment on blogs of friends who regularly commented on mine. I have never wanted blogging to feel like an obligation and I think it has transitioned into that for me...which makes me feel a little squirmy.

I have been saying for a couple of years now that I am going to close my blog down. I'm inching more and more towards that lately, but I'm not totally ready to step away just yet.

debs14 said...

I think that Instagram and Facebook have made it too easy to just click 'like' and be on your way to the next one. I try to comment if I have visited even if it is just a few words but there are days when I have browsed via my phone at lunchtime at work with every intention of returning to leave a comment later then, memory like a goldfish, I forget once I get home!
I love linking up with Sian's Monday meme and sometimes manage an extra post in between but my daily blogging seems to have been put on the back burner. I do hope people don't stop blogging because I think you get more of a sense of a proper friendship from a blog post rather than a few words on Instagram.

Sian said...

I'm back because I had another thought. I think there is a technical issue with feedly. I've had a few people say to me that my posts haven't been appearing. I was emailed to ask if I had stopped blogging! And I noticed the same effect the other day when about 8 posts from one blogger appeared all at once in my feedly. So if some readers are getting posts late and in a whole bunch they probably feel less inclined to comment. Just a thought.

Patio Postcards said...

I am reading a lot lately about the future of blogging. Personally I hope that blogging is just going through a growth spurt. I comment even to those that do not comment on my blog. I had given that some thought, but I was commenting before I created a blog. I really hope you do not give up blogging. I like your photo of blossom to cloud ratio :)

Susanne said...

I don't find any other social media as interesting as I have blogging. I've tried Facebook groups and even Instagram for awhile, but without the story behind the photos, I have become bored with both. Based on my own blog numbers, with visits steady or even up a little bit, but comments being down, I think everyone is commenting less even if they are still reading the same. I find myself falling into that pattern too. I will read several posts from a blog when catching up, but will usually comment on just 1 or 2. So don't assume that folks aren't reading just because they aren't writing. I think the popularity of blogging will make a comeback in a year or two.

Tammy said...

I think the option of simply clicking like on a one sentence post on social media is definitely causing a decline in blog comments! I personally, do no like FB at all. Instagram is nice, but I miss reading why the photo was posted.

Liz said...

I'll admit to reading blogs but not commenting. Sometimes I don't have time or sometimes I can't think of anything sensible to say so say nothing!! I don't do Instagram and don't think I ever will. I'm not on twitter and don't post on FB very often either. I enjoy blogging as you get the story behind the photos. It's like keeping in touch with your friends. I'll keep blogging, even if no one reads or comments, After all I'm doing it for me!

Becky said...

I read blogs but not daily so I mght do a big catch up once a week or a fortnight and then only comment on one or two posts in that time period. I still enjoy blogging and use it as much for my own records, like a diary, as for getting my views etc 'out there'. I do use Instagram and Facebook too and probably leave more comments on there as it is quicker and easier.

Alison said...

I agree with so many of the comments left Becky I only read posts once every ten days or so and usually leave a 'just catching up' comment on the most recent, but this one made me stop and think. I am always impressed by how many posts you write....if I manage Sian's Monday post it's a miracle these days...not only am I much busier than when I started blogging, but also I feel there is less in my life to actually blog ABOUT. I do keep an eye on FB and IG but even that is sporadic to say the least. I so appreciate the friendships I have made through my blog and would hate to think that lack of commenting would cause people to become dispirited or even give up altogether xx

Angloyankophile said...

I often read posts without commenting, but it's interesting to see all the comments here about Instagram. I love Instagram (as you know) so I'm really intrigued to see how other people interact with it and what they think of it. I read an article recently about how Instagram is causing the death of the blog and didn't really believe it, but I'm starting to now. I think that in order for blogs to survive, they've got to have some really unique content/a strong voice. I try to do this in my written content (though I don't always succeed).