Monday, 4 July 2016

Month in Numbers | June

June was, in parts, rather joyful.
Here's a look at some of it.
(I decided not to include any numbers relating to Bermuda,
for fear of causing you to roll your eyes.
Bermuda?  Again?)

17.41 Million voted to leave, 16.14 Million voted to remain.  
The outcome of the EU Referendum has pretty much been 
the only topic of conversation across the UK since the early hours of June 24th. 
£152.90: the amount spent at the dentist - check-up, hygienist and filling replacement.
And that's with the actual dental bits on the NHS.
3: the number of nights we had a 6-months-old black Labrador puppy
staying with us.  He's a real live wire!
I may have ignored my own policy of no-dogs-on-the-furniture ...
£684.64: the amount we spent on treatment for the pooch at the vet.
That's on top of a large bill from last month.
943: my place in the queue when attempting to re-book
swimming lessons.  The reality?  All done in around five minutes.
1802: the number of fibreglass breeze blocks used to construct Unzipped Wall
at the Serpentine Gallery, Hyde Park.  It's by Bjarke Ingels of Denmark.

 Month in Numbers is the brainchild of Julie
and you'll always find a warm welcome over at her place. 
 Not to mention entertaining posts about a varied list of topics.
Go on over, stop by and say hello. 
You can find my previous Months in Numbers here


Sian said...

Don't worry: I think if I had been to Bermuda I'd be talking about it for the rest of my life!

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I'm more than happy to live vicariously. It beats thinking about the state we're in post referendum!

Patio Postcards said...

Oh please do talk more about Bermuda ... always enjoy your Month in Numbers layout.

alexa said...

That's an eye watering sum at the vet's - ouch. Despite the grimness of some of those numbers, you have managed to create a bright and pretty page - some feat, given the current state of things!

Julie Kirk said...

I'm hoping those swimming lessons means you found an answer to the changing room issues you were having. Good job that hefty queue didn't put you off!

I like how everyone in your comments wants to hear more about Bermuda as an antidote to 'real' life right now! Sounds like one solution to the world's problems.

Thanks for joining in - with another great page Ruth, I've pinned your post [we're a dwindling bunch!]:

Hoping July brings plenty of summertime adventures.

Julie x

Susanne said...

More Bermuda would suit me just fine as well. And I don't blame you on breaking your own rule about dogs either.

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