Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Less Stuff | More Life

{Project Life type card from Ali Edwards
For a while now, I've thought that we, as a family of three, have too much stuff.
And by that, I mean in the physical sense.
Books, cushions, framed photos, scrapbook stash {ahem}, clothes, etc.
My mum, who lived alone for the last 20 years of her life, had too much stuff.
A three-bedroom house of stuff.
And what happens to it all when you're gone?  It's given away to family and friends, 
thereby increasing how much stuff they themselves have, or it goes to the charity shop.
I read Marie Kondo's book with interest last year.
I even marked the pages where I thought she made perfect sense.
 My goal for the rest of this year is make a dent in the amount of stuff we have ...
before we are buried under it.
{A slight exaggeration, but you get my meaning}  
I don't want our home to be a minimalist home,
 nor do I want it to be stuffed to the gunnels.  
I'd like it to be somewhere in between, 
where everything is used and has a purpose.


Serenata said...

This so resonates with me as well - we have too much stuff to, and I also have read this book and made some reasonable headway with clearing some clothes for a start late last year (or was it early this year?!) Anyway I need to get back on to working my way through our 'stuff'.

Good luck!

Ladkyis said...

I never make new year resolutions but this year, with having to clear F-i-L's house and find homes for his 50+ years of married life, I decided that I would use all the sewing stash before I got too feeble to use the machines and for everything, no matter how big or small, that came into the house two things MUST go out.
At first I could keep it in my head but then I thought I should record what comes in and what goes out. I don't count food stuffs but everything else is noted as it comes in and everything that goes out too.
So far I am just keeping the going out ahead of the coming in but it is close - I have three more out than in as of today, but that's a win right?

Sian said...

I'm never going to be a minimalist. To enjoy my life I have to read a lot and make a lot of things; and to make things I need the right tools...one pair of circular needles won't work for every project, so I have to have a variety of sizes. I'm always going to be surrounded by stuff..

debs14 said...

I cleared out and tidied all my clothes earlier this year, it was a mammoth task but it's so much nicer now to open my wardrobe and seeing it neat and orderly. I'd love to be the same throughout the whole house, but I know it'll never happen!

Susanne said...

I am no minimalist either, but we are in an ongoing mindset of whittling down, and it was prompted in large part by having to clear out two generations of stuff from hubby's aunt's house when she passed away. So I understand where you are coming from.

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