Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Things He Says | The Fashion Edition

"I don't think much of that top, Mum ...
but it's better than nothing!" 


debs14 said...

Oh he is hilarious! 'Better than nothing ' - that's a classic! Maybe you need to get yourself a Liverpool shirt, I'm sure he'd approve of that!

Ladkyis said...

backatcha kid!!!
I started a little book of the things Miss Boo has said over the years and the one that stands out for me was when she was about 4 and we were waiting for our turn to collect some rescue chickens.
"I'm too young, me" said Boo
"Too young to do what?" I asked
"To look after geese"

The look on her face told us that this explained everything. It left me wondering just what train of thought she was on when she said that out loud

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Lol. Awesome! I love when you share these things he says. :o)

alexa said...

Ouch! He really knows how to make a girl feel good :).