Thursday, 22 September 2016

A Cush{ion}y Number

I like cushions on sofas.
The Brainy One doesn't care to express an opinion on them.
The Boy Child has a penchant for chewing them. 
With Autumn making its presence felt, we'll obviously spend less time 
sitting in the garden after school and at weekends.
However, glancing into the lounge didn't fill me with
happy thoughts of snuggling up on the sofas.
Because the cushions were looking more than a little shabby
 and some even had pieces missing thanks to some surreptitious chewing
by The Boy Child.
And dare I say it, we had too many cushions.
Telling myself I was implementing an Autumn update,
which let's face it, is much cheaper than full redecoration,
I swept aside the old cushions and installed new ones.
Now I'm waiting to see if anyone notices.   


Sian said...

If that's a new one, it's a beauty. I love its sort of Nordic autumn look

debs14 said...

I've added some cushions in that golden colour and love the autumnal feel they give a room. Do let us know how long it takes to have them noticed!

alexa said...

That's a very stylish cushion ... Hoping it won't be to the BC's taste!

Ladkyis said...

NOPE, a person can't have too many cushions. They can be stacked in a corner for extra snuggling opportunities for guests............. I could be biased about cushions LOL

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