Monday, 17 October 2016

Positivity and Kindness

The Boy Child came home from school on Friday with a sweet note from a classmate.
During their PHSE lesson, the children had been directed to randomly select a name from the hat
and then write a short note to that child.  The message had to be kind.
I don't know the child who this note, but I love them!



alexa said...

Indeed! It has uplifted my spirits this morning, knowing that there are those who help children to see the best others and to learn how to put it into words. How wonderful for your son to receive this - it is going on the treasure ladder?

Patio Postcards said...

Indeed how kind & what a brilliant idea from the teacher. Something to treasure for all the children (& their parents). I just read an ad that featured 2 children walking together with arms around one another & the caption was "a return to kindness, lets all try it".

Sian said...

WE could do with a whole lot more of that kind of teaching. I bet it made you proud :)

Maggie said...

What a lovely thing for them all to do.