Friday, 6 January 2017

December Daily | Days 24th-25th

On the 24th, we did something entirely different to previous years ...
we ate our Christmas dinner in the evening.
And you know what, we all enjoyed it so much that
we might just make it a new tradition.
On Christmas Day, after the excitement of a visit from Santa,
we were fairly low key.
The pooch still needed a walk 
and as we knew the guys who run the cafe in the park were open,
 we took them a cracker.
Then it was home to turkey sandwiches and new books.
December Daily: my favourite project of the year. 


alexa said...

My son and his family in Germany celebrate with their big meal on Christmas Eve too - reading about your day on the 25th, it looks very relaxed and stress-free. How lovely that the guys in the park café were there (and that you brought them some festive cheer).

Sian said...

We always go to Little E's on Christmas Eve and have a meal there and join in on the excitement. I think I like Christmas Eve more than the big day itself.

Patio Postcards said...

Cheers to new traditions. We also do a special dinner for Christmas Eve but it's usually the munchie, appetizer type of things because we always always watch A Christmas Carol on C.E. Enjoying your DD - it's a favourite of mine also.

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