Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Tuesday in Three

Yesterday, after three days of sleet and rain, 
the sky looked like this. 
 I made time for a spot of scrapbooking.
 And when I took the dog out for his evening walk,
the sky looked like this.
How was your day yesterday?
Your week so far?


alexa said...

Your city photos are uplifting in our grey murky mist up here! Having spent two days at work till after dark, I'm looking forward to doing some scrapbooking myself today - and getting outside!

debs14 said...

On dry days we have seen some lovely blue skies and colourful sunsets, but on those damp, dark days nothing but grey.
Day off for me today, and I have a certain young man coming to spend a couple of hours with me while his mum goes to a talk on 'Baby led weaning' (I think things may have changed quite a bit since I weaned her 30 years ago!)

Jane said...

I went to watch la la land and had a meal out so a good day for me

Patio Postcards said...

Those pink jet streaks are interesting to see & the morning sky so encouraging. Yesterday our skies were filled or emptying themselves of all the rain & ice it could muster - nasty weather yesterday & we have had over a week of dull grey murky skies. But no matter the weather I am having some productive scrapping time - so all is well.

Sian said...

It's been warm and dry here: very strange! If you are asking about my week in general, it's been quite surprising.

Those alphas are so perfect for your project.

Melissa said...

It's been mostly gray skies here this week . . . but the sun is supposed to peek out this afternoon - I'm watching for it.

I also did a little scrapbooking & will be back at my craft table today.

Lovely sky photos!!!

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