Thursday, 2 February 2017

Keep On Keeping On

After a 90-minute meeting at school with an Educational Psychologist,
I am in need of some words to hang on to.


Patio Postcards said...

It sounds like the meeting was a difficult one. I am sorry to hear that. Hang on to the fact that you are doing your very best for your son & that counts for a whole lot. I agree, never stop believing.

Sian said...

Or maybe a stiff drink? I'd be there with a bottle if I could.

alexa said...

A great quote for what sounds like a difficult day ... I'm with Sian on this one. Wishing we were all closer and could pop round with a little something cheery-uppy.

debs14 said...

You've made all the right decisions for your gorgeous boy so far, and I know you're going to keep doing that throughout his school life. Those meetings can be hard going for a parent and he's reaching an age where you've got some big decisions to make for his transition to secondary school. Keep strong, keep following your gut feelings for what is right for him. No one knows him like you do.
And if you decide to join Sian and Alexa for a glass (or three) of wine, be sure you go via Hertfordshire for big hug and a glass here too!