Thursday, 23 February 2017

Texting | A 21st Century Dilemma

Like many of you, I've become lazy at calling people for a chat.
I'm a fan of the text message.
And therein lies the rub.
What's the protocol, if there is such a thing, when the person you sent a text to doesn't reply?
Did they receive it?  Well, it says it's been delivered.
Should I have used WhatsApp?  That tells you the exact time the text was read.
Don't they like me any more?
What if they've fallen out with me?
Have I upset them in any way?
Ad infinitum.

Perhaps I should resort to actually making calls on my iPhone.
But then they could just ignore my call ...


Deanna said...

You know, I have the conversation with all the people I text often. If I don't answer right away, please don't take it personal. I get back to you. I don't text in the car. My daughter will text for me if she's with me. Most people know you're not always readily available to text back. It's really easy to project your feelings onto that blank screen, waiting for those little bubbles to pop up indicating a reply, but, hey, they might be on the toilet. They still love you.

alexa said...

I usually give them a couple of days, then text again or send an email or ring. My DD tells me it's very easy, if you get lots of messages, to not see one. At least, that's her excuse!

Melissa said...

Definitely a dilemma in this age of texting. I try to think of it as if I'd left a voice mail & assume they'll get back to me when they have time. Maybe they are driving or enjoying time with friends or in a meeting or class - I hope they ignore my text then. :)

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