Friday, 17 March 2017

Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life | Amy Krouse Rosenthal

I learned this week that the author Amy Krause Rosenthal
had passed way from Ovarian cancer.
She was just 51 years old.
Thanks to Cathy Zielske's online classes, I produced two albums
based on Amy's book, Encyclopeida of an Ordinary Life -
 Yesterday, I flicked through the marked pages of my copy
of EoaOL and stopped at this:
FLYING: When the captain announces we're beginning our descent,
and we're still pretty high above the city.  I'll think, if the plane goes down now,
we would definitely not be okay.  A bit lower, and no, we still wouldn't be okay.  Maybe now, now we might be low enough that if it crashed, we might be okay.  

That made me laugh out loud, because, you know, who doesn't think that?
Cathy has a piece on Amy here.  Cup of Jo has a piece here.

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alexa said...

I never made a CZ version myself - tickled to see so many of your ancestors came from Ireland. And I was sad to read about Amy - her writing and the concept was such a gift to us all ...

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