Monday, 6 March 2017

Memos: Mail : Me

During last week's blogging hiatus, I took delivery of my favourite kind
of Happy Mail: travel guides.
We've booked a week in Spain over the summer, thanks to lovely friends
issuing an invitation to stay with them for a long weekend.
So, three nights in Valencia and two nights in Barcelona either side.
I may have agreed to take The Boy Child to the Camp Nou.   
As for the weekend, we visited Windsor and Eton
 Eton College is not open to the public, sadly,
but the mile long High Street is worth a wander.


Sian said...

Definitely right up there in my list of favourite mail too. The Nou Camp is very exciting! (you know, if you're into that kind of thing..)

Wishing you a week of happy travel dreams

Patio Postcards said...

Oh what fun to be planning a summer holiday. I chuckled when you said about you "may" have agreed to Camp Nou. Happy week ahead.

alexa said...

I had to google Camp Nou ... A tentative offer looks appropriate - there'll be so much else to do! Planning and anticipation is one of the best bits of travel :).

debs14 said...

Both fantastic places, so much to see and do, after you've done your football sightseeing of course! When in Valencia try to go here used to be a favourite of Ernest Hemingway apparently and a great place for an authentic paella.

Maggie said...

Barcelona is on my bucket list especially after I saw my daughter's pictures.

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