Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Taking Action

I read the paper.
I listen to the news.
I vote.
I am, I think, well informed.
But I have never been actively involved in matters that affect
the community I live in.
Until now.
Developers want to build on land where a detached house currently sits.
Build something that is out of keeping with the local area.
Build something that is roughly twice the size of the largest house on the road.
It is something that will directly impact on our life for a year or more if planning permission is given.
Last week, I wrote out a short note and popped it through the letterboxes of my neighbours.
All fifty two of them.
It may come to nothing, but at least I will have alerted people 
to what is proposed for our neighbourhood.
(The Council is not obliged to inform residents directly of any planning applications.
A notice on a lamp post is considered sufficient.)   
Taking action feels good.     


Ladkyis said...

I did exactly the same when someone wanted to knock down the factory behind our houses and build a block of flats with 97 units but parking for 75. I put a letter into every affected house with a copy of the letter I was sending to the planners - a petition only counts as one objection in planners eyes but twenty separate letters have to be counted.

Our objections were read out at the meeting and the lack of parking was also given as a reason for refusing. The factory is still there - ten years later - and is now a packing depot for sending huge stuff overseas

Patio Postcards said...

Yeah you! That was very pro-active of you & I bet your neighbours are all going to be thanking you. Change is not as good as a rest in some instances.

Sian said...

Good for you! Watch this space, eh?

debs14 said...

Well done! How good to be proactive rather than just grumbling about it . Hope you get some support from your neighbours.

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