Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Roman Walled City of Chester

When I was a child, a day out in Chester
was both a treat and a joy.
 We did the same thing pretty much every time we were there.
A walk around the walls.
An hour in the cathedral.
Lunch in one of the city's first family friendly pubs.
We're just back from a long weekend in Chester,
and I re-enacted those days for my own family.
Chester is, in my opinion, one of the United Kingdom's
most beautiful cities.
If you've never been, make a plan to go.
If you already know Chester, make a plan to go again.


Patio Postcards said...

Always nice to revisit happy memory places. Beautiful cathedral & interesting clock tower.

Alison said...

yet another city I haven't visited..glad you enjoyed it and it brought back so many happy memories xx

Becky said...

Wonderful photos. I love Chester.

alexa said...

It is indeed beautiful. I went two years ago only for the second time. I love the double height pavements - such a great idea in our climate, and so nicely preserved. How lovely to be able to introduce the next generation to it.

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